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Contemporary ethical issues

Now already week 9, I think the time moving so fast and its means we still have 3 more weeks to learn about ethic. In this week we have learn about the contemporary ethical issues that happen in all around the world. Actually nowadays as we can see people have created so many new things and all the things that they have created were so amazing. In the class, we were discussed whether all this things will give benefits to human being or not. This week we were also discussed five main issues that is cloning, surrogacy, suicide, euthanasia and last one was abortion.

When I was in secondary school, I took biology subject and in that subject I also learn about cloning and its process but I don’t know that cloning also have its own ethical issues. This week Dr. Faosiy taught us many things about cloning. From my own understanding after listen to Dr. Faosiy lecture cloning is a process to copy genetic in order to create another organism that will be the same like the base organism.

But there is also an ethical issues that raised by so many people whether it is ethical or not to do cloning process. Actually the reason why human created this process is to create a fertility treatment that will allow the infertile parents to have children. But it also will create risk and harm to the clone for example genetic damage and if that happen the clone will not have a normal life like other people. Because of that reason many people against cloning and they believe that cloning is ethically immoral.

I think, from my opinion cloning have their own advantages and disadvantages. When I was in secondary school my teacher taught me that with cloning we will have our backup body part. For example, if we had an accident and our important body part cannot be used or damage we can used this cloning process to create the body part same exactly like the original one. But many people did not agree with that they look cloning from different perspective some of them think that cloning should never been done because cloning it’s like we are against the God because only God can give and take someone life not human. Honestly, for me it is depend on the situation and the purpose and we also should think deeply what will happen if we do something.

Week 9: Reflective Diary

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