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Contemporary ethical issues

For week 11, we continued to learn about contemporary issues. There are divorce, corruption, humanitarian intervention, torture and plagiarism. All of these contemporary issues are common in the environment around us.

Divorce is the final termination of a marital union, cancelling the legal duties and responsibilities of marital dissolving the bond of matrimony between the parties. It could be surprising to hear the advantages. They say it frees the house tension. Since normally parents they fight among and this is not a good example for the child. The other reasons are that they would get free. But still divorce has a lot of disadvantage specially for the couple who has children. The children suffer when the parents fight over custody and this  also leads to social illnesses like they start to take drugs or prostitution.

Plagiarism is the act of presenting others work and it is very famous especially among students. Is it ethical or not? In fact, most of the students have experience this. There is a lot of type of plagiarism among students like copy and paste, summarise first, copy and paste from previous work, copy from internet and so on. Actually, plagiarism does not mean we just copy and paste without know anything. Sometimes, as a student’s they want some ideas in order to get more information and complete their assignment.

Moving on to corruption is dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power, typically involving bribery. Corruption usually occurs because of some individuals are willing to use illicit means to maximise personal or corporate profit. This case can happen everywhere even in private or government sector.

However, Torture is an action which is a practice or act of deliberatively inflecting sercere physical pain and possibly injury on a person. Some of the reason why this occurs, as a punishment, revenge, interrogation and ETC.

Humanitarian intervention involves the threat and use of military forces as a central feature. It is the ethics of using military force to respond to human rights violations, when it should occur, who should intervene, and whether it is effective. There are some pros and cons for this issues.


  1. Provides protection and support to those in dire need.

  2. To helps during natural disasters and other emergency situations

  3. Provides a way to immediatdy stop to hostility and start de-escalation process.

  4. Economic and structural support can provide many needs for. Necessities to war torn areas as well as help to rebuild the commumtuel and institutions destroyed by conflicts.


  1. Creates a system in which your right to live or to deny another right to live or deny another right to love is based on who your friends are and what you have offered them.

  2. The use of sticks such as sanctions or embargos can often have reverse consequences in the overall situation.

  3. Sanctions only help fortify the regimes hold on the country and cause more suffering to those in need.

There are a lot of ethical issues around the world. We have only touched on 15 topics. In my opinion all of the above have ethical issues however when I learnt about divorce I know it’s an ethical issue. But if the couple can’t live together then I think there is no use of the marriages since they will have problems in their life. Also I was surprise to hear that in Philippines that it’s not allowed. Well we can say this is good because the courtiers divorce rate will be low however what it the couples have problems then they have to live their life with all problems since they don’t have their right to be divorced.

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