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Contemporary Ethical Issue: Same Sex Marriage

The debate about the issue of same sex marriage has been going on since couple of decades ago. Before it came to the issue of marriage, it was about same sex relationship. It seems like people nowadays omitted the issue of same sex relationship instead they step into the marriage. The endless of discussion of allowing or legalizing same sex marriage become more popular over the decade. Different people have different ideas concerning this issue. Proponents who are for allowing same sex marriage reason that everybody must have freedom of choice. Freedom of choice is the fundamental human right of every individual. Therefore, their right of choosing their life partners is ethical and, hence, it should be legalized. However, the counterparts argue that same sex marriage is against nature. Naturally, we are made for opposite sex. The idea behind getting married is not just to please each other but to reproduce and sustain the human being. Therefore, it is unethical and it should not be legalized. Thus, it become a dilemma of Autonomy or/and dilemma of Justice.

Let’s look this issue under the torch light of various ethics. Under Divine Command Ethics, it is totally unethical. God created human being into male and female. God decided human being to be with opposite sex. Since it is against order of God, it is not at all ethical. Utilitarian Ethics focus on consequences or results of the act. What will be the consequences if it is allowed legally? Assume that everyone gets into same sex marriage then the future of human being in this world will be unimaginable. However, we cannot force homosexual people to get married with opposite gender. Moreover, not everybody is homosexual. There are and will always be people who do prefer to be with opposite sex. Hence, under this ethics, it shows neutrality- neither unethical nor ethical. Since Deontology Ethics deals with rules and regulations of the country, it is more on the country legislative power. As we can see, the country allowing same sex marriage has been rising up gradually. People seem to accept and its movements for legislation have reached at the peak since 2000’s.

Moreover, naturalism of homosexuality is a controversial topic among scholars. While a group of scientists believe that homosexuality is natural and people who are attracted to homosexual activity are born in that situation, other group clam that it is a psychological disorder which evolved from one’s social and family background. Since the first group sees this as a natural phenomenon, they are against those people who see homosexuality as a problem and thus, they support homosexuality to be legalized. But for people who believe this to be psychological disorder, they encouraged these people to undergo for psychological treatment. I must take the side of neutrality. I support neither for their legality nor against them. Since they are human being, we should treat them as human being. They should have their freedom of choices. However, legalizing same sex marriage could bring some unforeseen problem to the society.

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