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Conflicts by Mohomath Imthath

Every day sun rises with a conflict for human being. Every conflict has solution in this world. Day by day, people are trying to find a solution and gain peace from that problem, but some of that has been getting solution and some the conflicts are increasing day by day. A conflict can be between people, group, tribe, state nations, and religion. Normally struggle starts with two people and end with two nations.

As a Sri Lankan, I have experience living in a country where civil war had taken place for almost three decades between government and LTTE (Liberal Tigers Tamil Elam). Government had fought for one nation. Other side LTTE had tried to separate the country as Sri Lanka and Tamil Elam. Both of them had reasonable values for fight. Government tried for thirty years to stop the war. It has taken a long time to get the achievement.

Nowadays one of the ongoing problems in Sri Lanka is racism. In my county Muslims are rich in culture and their religions. Government also has given all the rights to follow Islam. So many Muslim women are following Islamic dressing codes. Most of the rules and regulations are solely made for Muslims according to Islamic law. Especially our Muslim juries have an organization for halaal. Past two months some of the racist people are trying to take off the halaal logo from the companies, who have gotten that from the halaal organization. Some of them are taking benefit from that.

In world view most of the developed countries, business organizations and other third parties are taking benefit from that. This is the major reason for continuing conflicts. They play nice games with these countries. In the world some of them are trying to get peace to the world, from that particular conflict. However, their efforts how it is true or effective we cannot decide.

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