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CONFLICTS – Butrint Bozalija (week 4)

The word conflict is worldwide known and it’s as old as the human being’s first existence. We all know that there are different types of conflicts; conflict of interest, conflict of ideas, political conflict, religious conflict, intra-personal etc. I think conflicts are caused because of the fundamental social and economic forces operating within society, which forces are the powerful/authoritative people. From what I have experienced, I think that conflicts happen for different reasons, usually because things don’t go the way we individuals want or because we don’t have complete rights to do the things we want, things we like, and we are not satisfied from what other people tell us to do, which means that the poor is usually mostly affected because it has no rights and freedom; being poor it’s not always about not having money.

So, when people are not satisfied with what majority does or the rules of leading party in different aspects e.g. cultural, ethnic, tribal, religious, racial, governmental or gender they create groups which try to raise their voice, get more autonomy and make change, they always think that the change is for the better and can be of a useful purpose. I really support separatists because we are all human beings and we should fight for our rights, goals and keep on making changes for the better which can affect for the better not only our generations but also the generations to come but we should be careful and not exceed the limitations because we can end up in big troubles/conflicts.

Conflicts can be tiny and huge. When I say huge I’m referring e.g. conflicts between countries which can be political, economical, social, geographical and can lead to a war between those two countries, like it led Kosovo and Serbia in 1998- (end of) 1999, and it’s difficult or we can say, almost impossible to find a solution of that conflict if both parties are heated, unless a third party, which has power and authority interferes and tries to satisfy both parties. So, in my opinion a conflict can be ended but never prevented. The way to end a conflict depends on the way we act and respond.

‘’Whenever you’re in a conflict with someone, there is one factor that can make the difference between damaging your relationship and deepening it. That factor is attitude.’’

                                                            ~William James~ American Philosopher/Psychologist


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