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Conflicts and their consequences – by Asaad Maher

The concept of Conflict was the main topic for the fourth week’s lecture. In fact, the word conflict is the sufficient word in describing the affairs nowadays. Personally, I believe that conflict is the main reason for what we are in nowadays. Just by looking right and left you would see that wars are breaking out in the west and the east. Take examples, the war between Palestine and Israel, Mali and France, Myanmar with itself, and so on.

Moreover, some of them are fighting around fifty years and others less than that. At the end, the victims are the innocents. Each war has its own reason some are politician reasons, others are Ethnical reasons and so on. In this week’s lecture some things came to my mind during the lecture that I want to write in my reflective diary for this week.

Firstly, I believe that, religious conflict is the worst conflict because it’s not an easy conflict to be solved and once it occurs, it continues for long period. For example, the conflict between Palestine and Israel, and, Syrian government and the free army. Unfortunately, the victims in this conflict, in exact, and every conflict, in general, are the innocent people.

Secondly, I believe that most of the conflicts in the world didn’t happen by themselves; in fact, there is a power behind them that sparked the conflict and that because they have an interest in causing that conflict. This kind of power, peace and safety of the mankind are the last concerns for them. For example, the Skirmishes that happened recently between China and Japan, it was caused by America to distract the attention of China towards it. Another example, the interference of France by claiming that we want to protect Mali from the terrorists and, in fact, they want to occupy it again and take its natural resources. The same goes to USA when they went to Iraq to free it from the dictator Saddam Hussein; in fact, to have its oil and Gas, the reality is biggest proof for that. These examples are just few from many.

Lastly, these conflicts that are in the world, they are not there naturally, they are made for specific governments’ interests like powerful countries.

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