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In this week we learned the definition of conflict and different type of conflict as well as the reasons why conflicts happen in our societies. The name conflict derived from Latin word which means to struggle over value, power, status, resources and religion. Most of the time it can be the misunderstanding between two parties which lead them to the violence in the community. People are always looking for power and money. The rich and powerful ignore the poor society.

 We have different types of conflicts. Below are the natures of conflicts:

     Parties in conflict:

Ethnic conflict:

Political conflict:

Territorial conflict:

Religious conflict:

Socio-economic conflict:

Socio-culture conflict:

Now days the world is full of conflict.I am going to highlight one conflict from Kashmir which considered as a mix political and religious conflict in this aria. Kashmir is known as one of the dangerous places in the world because of the conflict between two powerful countries, Pakistan and India. This conflict started in 1947 when British India separated to Pakistan and India by two leaders, Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Mahatma Gandhi. At beginning the conflict started with Hindus and Muslim in the area and by passing the time this problem was directed as a political issue between Pakistan and India. The majority residents in Kashmir are Muslims which was ruled by Hindus. This issue was unclear whether Kashmir will join India or Pakistan which began the conflict between these two countries. After a brief war from 1947 – 1948 Kashmir was divided among Pakistan and India by the names of Azad Kashmir and Jammu Kashmir. A ceasefire line was agreed under UN supervision that one third (1/3) of Kashmir will be administrated by Pakistan and the rest of the parts will be under Indian government but the conflict did not finish and the war continued in 1965 and 1999 between these two nations. This war is not only between Pakistan and India but also china occupied 20% Kashmir and they are claiming to have their own part in Kashmir but this battle was only among china and India, in another hand Kashmir themselves are fighting for their own rights and freedom.

These disagreements between these two countries on Kashmir had very bad impact on publics in the past six decades. The Indian Government has claimed over 47,000 died since the start of the insurgency in 1989, whilst Kashmiri separatists argue for a much higher figure. This conflict has been in Kashmir for almost 55 years and now it is known as the center of Indian unwanted military. Fortunately this violence has decreased since the peace talk between India and Pakistan in 2004 but many Kashmiris still believe that they are under pressure from India and Pakistan by taking their freedom and rights. These battles have caused the economy, social life and politics in this region. Kashmir is well known for the natural resources, water, and natural beauty for tourism but war makes work difficult to take the advantage of all these opportunities and rebuild this place to be one of the advance and free regions. In another hand people are not feeling secure in the area. Traders are afraid to invest and start business in this beautiful place which is a great economic shock for Kashmir. Besides politics are not so strong in Kashmir where the people are seeking their own governor and they strongly reject the government from both named countries. They are wishing for freedom.


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