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Conflict by wirda latip

In this week, we had discussed about Conflict. Conflict is from Latin word “ confligree” means strike together. From my side, conflict is referring to overt and coercive behaviour initiate by one contending party against another. Conflict also struggle over the value and claims to scare power, resources, status in which the aims of the opponents are to neutralize, injure their rival. In conflicts, there are certain important categories in conflict; nature conflict and conflict areas, issues in conflict, environment in conflict and last but not least behaviour in conflict.

Nature conflict and conflict area are about the parties in conflict and an issue in conflict is about the conflict situation in which parties hold divergent goal. The environment conflict is about the conflict may take the place in structured environment in parties’ behaviour and structured environment determine kinds of behaviour which consider as legitimate. Last but not least is about behaviour in conflict where it is discussed about each parties are proposes to achieve their goals and the behaviour conflict have three types which is persuasion, coercion and reward.

We also had been explained about the types of conflict which is intra-state, inter-state, religious, ethno-political, non-state, political, social, economic, territorial and ethnic conflict. After I attended this class, I got to know more specifically explanations and knowledge about conflict.

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