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Conflict by Ahmad Nuredy

Reflective Diary of Seminar on Current Affairs

Week 4 was on 6th February 2013 for the lecture session. At this time, Dr Ahamad Faosiy Ogunbado gave lecture on Conflict, specifically about religious conflict. Many people considered religious conflict as an organised system of belief, ceremonies, practice, and worship that centre on one supreme God or the deity to many others religion involved a number of Gods. Basically, religious conflict was incompability or disagreement araising from different in faith or belief.

Religious conflict rose when incapability was defined along the religious distinctions. It also defined as dispute about important political, economic, cultural or territorial issues between two or more religion communities. There were some types of religious conflict, such as: inter religious conflict, intra religious conflict, ethno religious conflict, and political religious conflict. Inter religious conflict was a conflict between two different religions while intra religious conflict was conflict in the same religion.

Moreover, we also studied about irredentism, separatism, and terrorism. The word irredentism was taken from Italian language, “irredenta”. This originally referred to Astro-Hungarian rule. For me, irredentism was like people who came from the same ethnics wanted to make a new country. For instance was Kurdistan. It was an ethnic in Iraq, Turkey, and Syria. They wanted to be independent and to make a new country named Kurdistan.

For Separatism, it was a social system that provided separate facilities for minority group. I thought, separatism was similar like irredentism, but separatism was a group of people in a country who wanted to be independent. For example was Gerakan Aceh Merdeka (GAM) or Aceh Independent Action. Aceh was one of provinces in Indonesia. They wanted to separate from Indonesia in order to make a new country. In another side, the government of Indonesia refused this movement of GAM. As a result, the government of Indonesia gave some special status for Aceh. In that special status, they could practice Islamic rule in that province.

For terrorism, it was the calculation used of violence (or the threat of violence) against civilians in order to attain goals that were political or religious or ideological in nature. This was done through intimidation or coercion or instilling fear. In my country, we had this kind of terrorism. Most people in my country though that terrorism was only about booming because there were many terrorism that occurred in the form of booming a place. Once, there was a booming in Bali. It caused many victims as a result of the booming.

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