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Common ethical issues around the world

For week 9, Dr. Faosiy conducted the lecture. We were discussing on some common ethical issues around the world. They are abortion, suicide, euthanasia, surrogate motherhood, and cloning. We all know that those issues have been rising since long time ago.

Abortion is a procedure to end the pregnancy. It means killing an unborn baby. Some people think that abortion is always wrong, some people think that abortion can be good, it depends on the reason and situation. In some countries, it is legal to do abortion. Many people do the abortion for the different reasons. For example, in many developed countries, many teenagers go for abortion to end their illegal or unwanted pregnancy. In Asia, many couples do the abortion, after knowing the gander of unborn baby. Most of parents want boys as their children, so when they acknowledge that the unborn baby that they have is a girl, they decide to go for abortion. Isn’t it unfair??

However, sometimes people are faced to a dilemma. When the mother is not health and strong enough to keep her pregnancy, she does not have any choice but ending the pregnancy. In this case, she must do abortion in order to save her life. Abortion has been a trend in social life. People think that abortion is the easiest way to solve their problem but they are wrong. They can do many other choices besides abortion. For example, they can give up on their baby, means they can give it to someone who really wants to have baby.

The other issue is euthanasia or some people call it mercy killing. Euthanasia is when someone decides to end their lives voluntarily. They may have a terminal illness and think that their life is no longer worth living. Those who support euthanasia say that we should respect people’s wishes, we should let people end their life amongst loved ones, and euthanasia is financially cheaper than prolonging life.

However, we should preserve life. God should be the only one to take life away, since he gave life to us. It is felt that Euthanasia would remove the act of taking a life from God to humanity.

Everyone may be searching for a “good death”, but terminally ill patients merely wish to have a painless, merciful death at the time of their own choosing. Surely, that is not asking much. It is easy for society, the government, and people to deny them this one act of mercy by spouting “moral”, “ethical” and religious tenets by the dozen. They have not travelled in their shoes, and they do not know what dying is. In the end, all that these patients want is to die, peacefully, with dignity, and no pain.

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