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What is cloning ?

Cloning is a term that refers to the somatic cell nuclear transfer(SCNT).Cloning is a creation of a genetic copy of some part of the body by the use of the DNA of a particular person . The first successful cloning was done on a mammal named dolly she was the first innocent lamb to be cloned. Thee types of cloning is one cloning for research and theory: the embryo cloned through SCNT is not transferred into womb, rather than it is used as a tissue to patent specific stem cell. The second one is the human reproductive cloning which is either the cloning of parts of the body or the entire hum cloning. Some of the issues of cloning can be that it create a fertility treatment that allows parents who are cloned genetically and human cloning might terminate the human aging process.Cloned organs will not be rejected by he patients body after the transplantation. It can also provide homosexual couples with genetically related children and it would also enable prospective parents to control the genome their children.

Some of the ethical issues of the cloning can be a risk to a mother , the ethical issues with reproductive cloning includes genetic damage to the clone,it has a low success rate meaning that the loss of the large number of embryos and features , it is also a psychological harm to the clone and it is complex and altered familiar relationship and com modification of a human life .

Week 8 Reflective Diary-By Shagufa Shahista Mahboob

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