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I have to say I believe it is absurd that we find the need to try to clone human beings. I think the negative externalities far outweigh the positive ones if this was out into action. As far as the government funding research for cloning efforts I completely agree with the government in not funding any money towards the effort.

I believe there are other vital places that government funding needs to be directed to rather than cloning efforts. How about funding a cure for cancer? War effort? Education? The government strictly believes that cloning will only bring moral and societal problems so of course they do not want to be the culprit for that. Also I strictly believe no single president of the Malaysia or elsewhere will ever want to be the one president that makes that decision because there would be too much risk involved. There really is not enough reason for the government to fund research for cloning. Society and the way it would function and the way people would act would just be totally different. There are more vital needs for government spending than something so controversial like human cloning. It is just a topic that the public is not ready to decide on in our societal roles.

The idea that “man-made” things are somehow “unnatural” is not only simple minded, but it is ignorant, and dangerously indicative of a god complex. Humans are not special! They are a natural derivation of the earth (and the universe… in the physical sense… not some esoteric mystical sense) and therefore their creations ARE NATURAL. Is a beaver’s dam natural?… then why not Hoover Dam? The idea that what humans create / intervene with are unnatural is somehow separating humans from everything else in the universe, which is arrogant and ignorant.

Week 8- Reflective Diary

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