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Civil Society Should Promote Women’s Rights

  1. 1.       Moderator: Nasridini Asliddin

                Panelists:  Syakirah Anati


Muzaffar Khusanov

Sali Toure

  1. 2.      Topic: Civil Society Should Promote Women’s Rights

  1. 3.      General Outline

  1. Thesis statement: We believe that in most of the countries around the world the rights of women are not given such as right to education, right for safety and security, right for employment and rights for property.

  2. Supportive points:

  3. a.      7 million women are uneducated.

  4. b.      Most of Middle East women unemployed.

  5. c.       Abusing women is disrespect to her.

  6. d.      Islam as religion of full gave rights of women in property and everything.

  7. 4.      Outline from Each Panelists

  1. Points given by each panelists

  2. a.      Rights of education (Causes of not giving rights for women for education, Civil society leads to educate women, and 799 million women uneducated.)

  3. b.      Rights of employment ( Educating men to change their mind regarding women employment,   Most of Middle East women unemployed, Efforts by NGOs focus attention on poor women’s employment.)

  4. c.       Rights of safety and security (Institute of Social Works working for women’s rights regarding violence has given to women, Reasons of men not giving rights for women, NGOs provide a variety of support and assistance to battered women.)

  5. d.      Rights for property ( Giving property to women from Islamic perspective, Culture leads give priority to man rather than women, Giving rights to women to get their property through law.)

  1. Questioned to be addressed by each panel

        I.            What is the reason for not giving the rights of women for education?

        II.            Can civil society bring women’s rights for education? If yes, how?

       III.            Are there any NGOs which focused on women’s employment?

       IV.            How to change the mind of man regarding employment of women?

       V.            Why currently men are not protecting women?

      VI.            Is there any civil society or organizations which support women’s’ rights?

     VII.             Is there any religion which does not give women’s rights?

    VIII.            Why in most of the countries the rights for property given to man rather than women?


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