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Celebration Day

This is the last class of Introduction to Ethics. That’s why it is called “Celebration Day” In this class we were supposed to review our self after 12 weeks get to know about ethics. Today the class was different and so interested. The class lectured by Mr.John Britto. Beginning the class, he gave us “clock game” by giving one paper with clock picture. What am I supposed to do with that? First time I also did not understand but the he explained that we needed to make appointment with our friends in any time in the clock.

After he announced that the time was started, everyone start walking, running and panicking to make appointment as soon as possible. After finishing the appointment he showed us one video about good and bad idea. Then, I realized how clock game functioned. Our lecturer asked us to discuss about the video with our friend in the time that he mentioned.

We were supposed to share our opinion regarding key thought, key word and key question in that video. After discussion with one of my friend, we came out with key thought “ To determine whether the idea is good or bad, think critically about the action and analyze the consequences”, key word “idea, right, wrong, action and consequences”, and key question “how to decide the good or wrong idea?”.

Second video was about someone who was being faced with complicated dilemma. He was forced to choose which life have to  be saved between his life, the driver, the kid with bicycle or one old guy with one little girl. The video made me think as if I am the one who needs to decide. I so like that video. At the end, considering all the consequences, that person decided to sacrifice himself rather than killing kids who still have long way to live and driver whom to be loved by people surround him. I strongly agree with his decision. If it happened with me I would do so. I have learnt many ethical values from this video. It guides me how to make best decision when I m facing problems with some considerations. Moreover I found some of ethical decisions framework in this video; divine command, utilitarian and virtue ethics.

The third video was about relationship between boy and girl who met in social media like internet. In this video, my friend and I came out with thought that strong relationship is build with strong base; love, understanding and depth-knowing.

The fourth video was about the causes of poverty that happen in Africa. We came out with some of keywords such as corruption, racism, hidden trust, unfairness and so on.

The last video was about the speech of one Sheikh regarding Islam, religions, Muslim woman, how Muslim woman behave, culture, prostitution, deliberation and so on.

In this session, I have gained many knowledge and deep understanding in making decision that for sure will help me in the future. Moreover, by giving us illustration from the videos, it helps me to view the problems in different perspectives based on ethical values.

The closing part of class was about sharing the feeling and giving opinions about ethics class by our lecturer and some representatives from students during 12 weeks. Our lecturer hope that ethics is not only for fulfilling the course but in big expectation can be beneficial for students and can be applied in order to get better life.

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