Can we truly say that humanity is progressing ???? – by Adnan Hasani

As time passes by, can we truly say that humanity is progressing? Sometimes I feel that humanity is really progressing and when I just stop for a moment and I see that humanity is deteriorating. Worst case scenario, poverty, never-ending wars, broken families, violence, murderers, extreme pollution, diseases, cruelty and with the technology we are trying to replace the human role in this world. We can argue as long as we want, but where does that lead? We are now so advanced in technology and communication, but one that will never be replaced is the humanity, the human feelings, the human dignity, the human responsibilities that we have towards each other’s.

We say that we are helping each other financially or materially, but it is really a good intention behind it. I think that humanity is regressing. Take a look at a family right now. All you see is minimum 2 laptops at home, an iPad and all the members of the family are almost equipped with smart phones. There is not much communication going on. The spoken communication is being replaced with a written one. Where is the humanity really headed to? Sometimes we may even say ‘Good Old Times’, because we miss those times when people could talk about anything with each other, and nowadays no one says not even a single word because he/she is afraid that we might intentionally think or plan to harm them. I admit that our world is what we make out of it. We are really gaining a lot of knowledge that the elderly people were seeking for. However, some things that should be progressing are regressing, and those things that should be regressing are progressing.

By: Adnan Hasani


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