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Business Management

It have been three week I learn this subject and in this week I also have gain a new knowledge that I think can help me in my journey. But for me our tutorial class is the best always make me excited to learn something new because the way our lecture is trying to deliver the knowledge is really unique. This week, once again we were doing one activity that also related to our learning about ethic in that activity we have been divided it some group and each group have their name which is animals name and each person have to choose one paper and the paper will decided which group we are in.

After that, we have to choose topic and discuss about the ethical problem in that topic. My group have choose the topic that is business management. we have state some of the ethical problem in business management and I also start to understand more what is ethical problem all about after discussing and listening to the others group presenting their topic. For me it was really a enjoy class, and honestly to say when i have this kind of feelings I mean when I was in a happy mood its easy for me to accept a new knowledge.

I think we have to used this kind of learning method in every subject because its really effective to help student gain new knowledge  Besides that, I also realize that there is so many ethical problem that is related to our self and I think we should know it and try to overcome it with the best way. For me I still have a long journey to go and it is important to me to know all these things.

Week 3: Reflective Diary

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