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Being Human

 First of all, the beginning of the recent ethics lecture was indeed very interesting, I personally gained a great deal of information which I possibly would never have learned if it wasn’t for the last class which was about Persia, Zoroastrian religion, Islam, Confucianism and Japan.

 Secondly, in last lecture everyone was having a good strong discussion about Islam and what it is to its followers. There was a long discussion about religion and many questions were raised, students showed there full participation and emotions were flowing. Even though I am a Non-Muslim I have learned a lot about Islam in these past 2 years of studying in AIU and some of these values are more or less similar to the ones that I have been taught by my parents back home.

However, the thing that I am trying to say is that we are all human beings; this is an undeniable similarity that we all share which cannot be changed howsoever. The thing that makes us different from within is our religion, culture and tradition. Everyone has their own culture, their own lifestyles, and their own beliefs. This does not mean that one is better than the other or one’s belief is more righteous than others.

A person’s religion does not label her/his behavior or personality. However, living in such a diverse society like AiU, we should cherish, understand and learn from our differences, rather than arguing/judging them; we should not forget that strong bond, that unbreakable similarity in each one of us which still keeps us together, stills keeps us alive, no matter how different we are, that relationship which is known as “Being Human”.


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