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Arab spring

The discussion of the last lecture of current affairs was all about Arab spring. Our intelligent teacher had discussed about the causes and impact of the Arab spring during our class time. It is one of the most notable topic at present world. If we look into in the Middle East especially in Syria and Palestine conflict is everywhere. Now I am going to write a reflective dairy about Arab spring. The Arab Spring is a revolutionary wave of demonstrations, protests, and civil wars occurring in the Arab world that began on 18 December 2010. Actually The Arab Spring is a term used to describe the movements in multiple Arab countries this year to overthrow dictators or authoritarian monarchies. The purpose is that these popular revolts will lead to truly democratic states.

The main causes of Arab revolts are not limited. We can categorized them into two major causes one internal causes and another international causes. Internal causes may be rises in the prices of fuel can spiral the prices of almost all other items like food, transportation, electricity, rent, raw materials etc. and wear down the purchasing power. While prices of the daily usage commodities go up immediately, the wages do not necessarily see an increase, both in the public and private sector, and a worker takes home the same amount of wages but less of value that can help him/her meet the expenses. As a result, there is social unrest, which can see street crime rates strengthening and an increase in corruption. It is also important to analyze the international causes such as the failure of the war on terror, the Iraqi war and the U.S.A, European strategy of the imported democracy. Another possible reason could be the failure of the peace process in the Israeli- Arabic conflict.

The impact of the Arab Spring concerns protests that were inspired by or similar to the Arab Spring in the Arab-majority states of North Africa and the Middle East, according to commentators, organizers, and critics. These demonstrations and protest efforts have all been critical of the government in their respective countries, though they have ranged from calls for the obligatory government to make certain policy changes to attempts to bring down the current political system in its entirety. In some countries, protests have become large or widespread enough to effect change at the national level, as in Armenia, while in others, such as Djibouti, were swiftly suppressed. As a result there is no connection between Israel and the horrible economic and social situation in the Arab world. Ethnic groups against ethnic groups; tribes against tribes; religions against religions; violence and blood.

In order to resolve current situation in Arab. It is essential to reduced price of good s and services inside the country or increase the salary or wages of workers .try to develop the standard of living. It is true that governments are not always in the position to tackle inflation. However, it is inevitably the economic policies they adopt in short/long term that sees a hike in prices of goods and creates shortages. This dents the public trust and makes it hard for the policy makers to win the confidence of the masses. The governmental economic teams make announcements after announcements of containing the inflation but the effect does not trickle down to the general public and their patience wears down, eventually leading to street protests.

It is essential to organize meeting by states of all Arab countries. In my point of view UN can ply most important role to resolve the problem. We can see that the conditions of Arab spring is continuously increasing if UN doesn’t take any positive actions it will be very difficult to resolve the problem because there are some international problems over there.

Finally we can say that Revolutions, civil wars and violence’s have damaged the image of Arabian courtiers towards the world. If we look into the Middle East conflict has covered a wide range of Middle East. So in my point of view all the countries of Arab should come up with solution of current situation as far as possible so that they can bring peace among them.

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