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Arab Spring

In the lecture class, we discussed about Arab spring. Honestly, I did not know anything about it, even I had not ever heard that words before. However, in order to write this reflective diary and improve my knowledge, I would like to do my best to explain about this issue in this reflective.

After I searched on the internet, I could get enough information about it. A series of demonstrations and protests began to rise in Arab at the end of 2010 and the beginning of the 2011. And that protest, they call it as Arab spring or Arab awakening. In 1848, the Arab world was facing very difficult economic problems and social situation as in Europe. The main reasons of Arab spring were poverty, rising food prices, inflation, high unemployment , human rights violation, political or religious oppression, absence of political dissent or lack of participation, and foreign interference. Besides that, there was also much corruption that Arab leaders did. There were international causes such as the failure of the war on terror, the Iraq war and the U.S.A, European strategy of the imported democracy. Another possible reason could be the failure of the peace process in the Israeli- Arabic conflict.

Since the Arab spring began, it has created much turmoil and chaos in the region. There have been a lot of victims because of it. These will also fracture the economies and the political culture of the countries. Expanding employment is still the number one concern in every Arab country. Ending corruption and nepotism is now a major concern in four of the seven Arab countries. And in most countries, issues like political reform, advancing democracy, and protecting personal and civil rights have broken into the top of concerns in almost every country.

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