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Arab Spring

During the lecture in week ten we have educated about Arab spring that is one kind of revolution in Middle East and in some African nations especially in Egypt which is started from 2010. This revolution started and spread around the Arab world surprisingly as it was most expected in Middle East because most of African Arab nations did not get any opportunity to choose their own government for thirty years. Although the revolution started form a small incident that is happened in Tahirir square in Egypt, it spread out and has changed the Arab world.

If we try to find out the root causes of Arab spring, the main root causes is the degradation of human rights or human rights violence because most of Arab government capture their power for log decades ignoring basic human rights of people. As we know most of Arab country’s average per-capita income is very low but very high unemployment rate which is main source of economic insecurity. According to Don Tapscott, “twenty-four percent of young people in the region cannot find jobs” (Guardian: 2011) so most of the people especially new generation wanted to change their social, political and economic standard. Dalia Mogahed (one of the speaker that shown in the video) also stated that people wanted the change for justice and violence against them as well as for the dream which they draw for fulfilling their human rights.

So however any revolution changes the social, political system of the certain country however French revolution is one of the best examples. Now let’s come back what happened after Arab spring? Is there any hope to change? We know that Arab reach the better level of political system but still Arab region suffers from bad political systems based on corruption, state of emergency laws, and the lack of free elections and freedom of speech but still we can believe that Arab people learn how to protest against any injustice and it is clear they have changed and they will never accept any kind of undemocratic politics in their country that happing in the past. So there is hope to better change and it has just started.

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