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Arab awakening

This week, we are discussing about Arab Spring and democracy of free fair election. Today in class we only watched video that was talking about case of around the world. But today Mr Hamid only focus to Arab Spring and democracy video where is talked by Dalia Mogahed,Wael Ghanim,Wardah Khanfar and Zahra Langhi.

Now i would like to to explained what i understand. Arab spring is a current topic and also can be considered as a blistering topic which explains civil war, protests and religious issues arising in the latter part of 2010. When we discuss about the Arab spring, Egypt, Tunisia and Syria should be taken in to consideration in order to discuss this topic. As I think, globalization is one of the main factors which lead for conflicts which aroused in that  countries. Technologies and military tactics are also considered as other sub reasons for these countries to lead along with globalization. As the media, newspapers, face book, twitter, Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabiya stood up in order to provide the latest and hidden facts to the people who are interested on Arab spring to provide a positive thoughts who were miss leaded by politicians and so on. I think technology can play as medium to people in spread and give information where is happens at there.

Democracy was spreading form southern to Eastern Europe and East Asia to Africa. But the Middle East wasn’t affected by democracy due to the rules and policies. Some people also called that as Arab Spring, Egypt, Syria, Tunisia and Yemen couldn’t handle the powerful hit given by democracy. But some other nations were criticizing that why couldn’t these countries controlled and settle the issues and problems which arose by democracy. As the reason, most of them thought that these affected countries did not have a strong government to control and settle these arising issues. The Europe and the other nations are looking these Arab countries to rise with problems and get damaged in order to take over the unlimited wealth which owned by these Arab countries. For me, someone have to brave in save their place. Forever their life will not change. They have to do something. If me, i will try do what i can do and try do something that i never do. I think they should have courage defense in their spirit.

In conclusion, literacy rate, human development standards and other development indexers are rising up in other parts of the world where the Arab spring losers the control of maintaining such standards in its territory. Some claims that the media is one of the tools which made the issue larger. Some says that these media performed its job in order to provide information for the rest of the world. I think media made the issue rise and made an environment as far as the government can control this situation. Otherwise, media can tell people what happens in there. For me, media have their own advantages and disadvantages. Everything is depends on the situation and news which their deliver. But the current statuses of these countries sometimes are making the world financial market and the individual’s politics at a risk.

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