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…and lying is best option

Lying in general is a bad habit. One lie requires other lies. It may lead to bad consequences. I believe that every lie, sooner or later, comes out.   But in some cases it is better not to tell the truth and lying is best option.

Our lecture told us a situation that I think every one of us is familiar with such a kind of situations.  Once, a boy invited a girl to the conference to go together with him.  As she liked this boy she agreed to go with him even though she did not like conferences. But another guy also invited her to the movies.  She liked to watch movies, that is why she agreed to him also. But both of them were inviting to the same time.  Now she needs to choose, that means she will have to lie to one of the guys or tell the truth and deal with the consequences instead of stressing yourself and get into more trouble. But is it always good? Sometimes not telling the truth will save someone else from being hurt or sad. Sometimes lying is bad and sometimes is good.

Another example to the good side of lying is relations between wife and husband and friends.  By telling the truth you may break their relation and by telling lie you may save it.

I got to know some more about lying from my group mates while our discussion on topic “Lying is worse than killing”. As for me I think that lying is not worse than killing, because we can solve or prevent of occurring some problems as I told above. But some of my group mate were telling that lies are bringing fatal consequences such as wars between countries that are lying to each other. I agree with their opinions in some parts. It is true that because of lying millions of people are died. It means that these people were died because of believing to the lies. In contrast I think killing directly will be crueler. The consequence of lying depends on us.

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