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An introduction to Ethics

I passed a wonderful time while I was having a class named “Introduction to ethics” and it was very interesting to me since I have never gone through such kind of things like ethical issues. I was little bit confused about the course itself since there was no clarification about the assessment of the subject. However, everything is very clear to me now after having a clear explanation from my lecturer in the afternoon.

Specifically today’s class was more knowing about ethical issues related to ancient Greece. The lecturer, Prof. Evangelos Afandras, was very energetic and spiritual in his speech since he is from Greek and he knows a lot of things about the historical issues related to ethics. He explained about the ancient Greece and its history. I like the way he was explaining because he was fully aware of what he was saying and he made sure that the students understood that well. He asked one question in his lecture “Can we say that humanity is progressing?” In my point of view, humanity is not progressing because of three reasons and they are the cultural aggression, ethical and education problem. Culture is the most important thing that affect in every step of our life but the question arise when it affects in negative way.

Now days, one culture is dominating another culture and the dominated culture is losing its own track of growing up so that people of that culture are forgetting the core values of their culture and as a result the humanity is not progressing. The second reason is problem with ethical values as people are not aware of the basic right and wrong and what is good and bad for the human being. They are ego-centric and only think about themselves. The third reason is education because people are not “well educated”. We may hear that in some countries almost all of them are educated but the question is how many of them are well educated? The educated people must know how to help others in order to help them while today’s education is only about memorizing and achieving a good result in the exam. Overall, everyone should agree that humanity is not progressing but decreasing in today’s world.

Particularly the most important part of the class was the dialogue conversation between two lecturers which represented the discussion between Socrates and Sophist. This conversation mainly shows how Socrates formed his argument in a questionnaire form to make people understand about the right and wrong. This was one of the techniques that he used to prove that Sophist was wrong. I like the way of asking question very much because he carefully and logically started the argument and he developed it in a way that the opponent must agree about it. From the whole conversation, I came out with an idea that satisfaction comes from desire because when you are hungry; you are pleasant means that you desire to eat something and that gives you pleasure.

From today’s class I realized about a different world that I am living since I didn’t think in a critical way before about the ethical dilemmas. I have recognized how people are doing wrong things without thinking about it. Consequently, I really learned the amazing way of asking question to people so that they must agree with me as well as how to form those questions sequentially.

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