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An inner understanding of human identity

Imagine someone call you as monkey, cat, rat, dog or any other animals name. How will you feel? This is what we experienced on our last tutorial in week 5. Our lecturer divided the groups according to different animals name and we were asked to find our group by making sound of that particular animal. At first many students especially the girls were hesitating to make sound of the animals, but when some of the students started to do so the hesitation went away.  It was so funny that all students were making animal sound and moving around to find out their groups. Many students were teasing each other while only a few students were shy. What an excellent learning engagement it was!

After we formed the group, each group did presentation on various topics. We chose the topic on effects of Facebook as this century is a blessing of technology and everybody is dependent on it especially the young generation for various purposes. Two of us, one of my friend from Myanmar and I presented the presentation. I presented the good sides of the Facebook such as media for socializing, news, inter-personal or group relationship and so on. My friend brought up the issues of hacking, abuse of personal identity and dignity and some others issues. However, the interactive part of the presentation was question and answer session. One of my friends from Sri Lanka asked me that why we included Facebook as a good mass media while there is an uncertainty of reliability. The question was tricky but I was able to answer the question. I said “I agreed that there is a probability of unreliability, but at the same time it can reveal the truth as people are posting by themselves and it is not manipulated by any other media.” However, this question pushed me to think about the reliability of Facebook news that might provide fake information which might lead into conflicts. Above all the class was really enjoyable since everyone was highly engage with all the presentations.

After the class finished one question came to my mind that what makes us different from the animals? There are many similarities between the human and animals but what really makes us the best creation? Then I was thinking about appropriate answer as many answers are available but the matter is which one reflects me better. After thinking for a while I found the sense of right or wrong is the main thing that makes human different from animals. Then suddenly another question rose into my mind “why did Mr. John Britto divide our groups according to animal names?” Is it to make us think about human and animal behavior? I am not sure, but whatever it is, I learned a great lesson from that class which was “Be a human by practicing humanitarians values.”

Week 5

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