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What Ethics is all about……

The word Ethics is derived from the Greek word “ethos”, which means “way of living”, Ethics is the philosophical study of morality, and it mainly all about making moral judgments. It examines the rational justification for our moral judgments; it studies what is morally right or wrong, just or unjust. Moral judgment is always about questioning to come to a perfect conclusion and this includes four main reasoning’s which are comprehensiveness (include all the information), coherence (related concept in a systematic and integrated way), consistence (the reasoning should not be logically contradicting) and adequate (supported by empirical evidence).

The first classes of the course were all about understanding the meaning and significance of ethics and we discovered lots of different ideas and ethical examples by our respectful lecturers.

Moreover, What I learnt from the first classes was the four main dilemmas that ethics cover such as how to live a good life, our rights and responsibilities, the language of right and wrong, moral decisions what is good and bad. Hence, for me I realize the importance of learning ethics as a college/university student specially the Humani-versity where there are a number of diverse and different cultural background students from all over the world and I realized that learning ethics will lead us a clear understanding among each other.

Another interesting topic that we learnt our first classes was the ethics of Ancient Greeks and the history of the Socrates and sophists. Firstly, As we know sophists were teachers, speakers, and philosophers who were paid to use rhetoric but many people opposed their style of teaching while Socrates was a philosopher who disagreed with the Sophist’s point-of-view. The main differences between the Sophist and Socrates were their views on absolute truth. “The sophist believed that there was no absolute truth and that truth was what one believed it to be. Moreover, Sophists were not teachers of truth but teachers of thought. Their students were expected to be able to argue both sides of a debate but were not required to take a stand on a subject.


Killing and lying was another important ethical issue that we discussed in our tutorial class and after participating six minutes of discussion for this topic I realize how different people have different viewpoints of their own, even though the topic was based on ethical issues.

First of all Killing is taking away the life of someone or something, while lying is when a person doesn’t tell the truth, even though there can be reasoning why some people are no telling the truth such as getting out of themselves in trouble

In my point of view whether lying is more harmful than killing or vice versa depends on the. For example if a person lies to cover a situation in order to hide a problem that can create more violence between to people or something bigger than that and if someone kills someone else that attacked himself. Both scenarios are sins or bad acts but in this context we cannot say one is worse than the other.

Some people may argue that killing is more harmful because of it involves taking the lives of people away, but in other ways lying can be more harmful. For instance if i witness someone killing another person and when it comes to court I hide his/her sin, then I lied and I did more worse sin than he/she did. Therefore, I would to conclude that both lying and killing are very bad acts and every religion prohibits or bans dong it among it’s community but it always depends on whether one is worse than the other.


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