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Afganistan: When democracy came the problems came along?

Today’s lecture was about democracy and Dr. Hamid lectured the fist session of the class and for the other session there was a guest (Prof Hood Sally). However, in the first session there were so many things about democracy such as the basic elements of democracy including that the active participation of the people as citizens in politics and civic life.

But unfortunately today it is not like that. In some countries such as Afghanistan when the democracy came the problems came along with it. In the basic elements of democracy it says clearly that the active participation of the people as citizens in politics but in Afghanistan it is not like that at all. Only the powerful or wealthy people are involved in the politics although the other people are talking about it but they are not actively participating in it.

Furthermore, the other basic element of democracy is that rule of law, which means the law and procedures apply equally to all the citizens. This is very interesting and important to learn but how comes even in very democratic countries it is not implemented. So, that means there is something we are missing either the people how are calling for democracy everyday are corrupted or the democratic system is not acceptable.

As conclusion today’s class was very interesting and educational I learnt a lot about democracy, the part that attracted me the most was the Representative Democracy; defining as in most modern democracies, the whole body of all eligible citizens remain the sovereign power, but political power is exercised indirectly through elected representatives, it was very educational class looking forward to the next class and hope this democracy will become real someday NOT just the name being democracy and the actions worst than dictatorship.

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