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Abortion: An issue surrounded with ethical dilemmas

Abortion involves taking the life of an unborn baby usually by the mother or with her permission. In our class we discussed about abortion and some of its ethical dilemmas.What became apart apparent was that every single thing about abortion seem to have some controversy or ethical dilemmas surrounding it.

One of the biggest ethical dilemmas about abortion lies in its definition. The keys word in its definition that arises so much controversy is ‘’ life’’ and ‘’ baby’’. There is a lot of debate on what stage or period can a fetus be said to have a life? Or what period can a fetus be said to be human? These are big questions that don’t seem to have clear answers. Even scholars don’t seem to concur on this issue.

And the crucial consequences lie in the manner in which the judiciaries of different countries view the issue so the result is that what some may consider killing (murder) others might see things differently. One side that considers it okay legalizes it while the other side penalizes the culprits. What is obvious is that both sides cannot be right and who knows, it could be that the side that condones abortion might be the wrong side and in that case, they are condoning murder.

Despite all these, there are cases that everyone will accept abortion as a solution. One of such cases is for example, if a young teenage girl (say of 13 years old) gets raped and then doctors warn her that delivering the baby might be life threatening.  In such a case abortion could be justified. In this case, the issue about whether abortion is murder or not would be irrelevant.

In conclusion, the issue of abortion is an ethical dilemma that divides people along into camps and it’s unclear which the right side is.

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