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A World Without Wars

Wars everywhere, conflicts everywhere and I hardly think we can create peace everywhere. Researchers claim that the global conflicts have declined in the recent years. Human beings are driven towards conflicts. Often when two people face a conflict, the odds are that they will tend to solve it by violence. However, now, in Norway, a group of researchers have claimed that their data indicate that the future may be even more peaceful than that.

In an article to be published soon in the International Studies Quarterly, Harvard Hegre, a professor of political science at the University of Oslo, writes that the number of conflicts will be halved by 2050, and with the greatest reduction to be happen in the Middle East. Hegre, together with his colleagues in the Peace Research Institute Oslo, built a statistical model that took into account factors such as infant mortality, education, young population, ethnic composition and history of conflict. A simulation program used 18,000 times the conflict before draw conclusions from it.

Nowadays, there are conflicts but compare to earlier ages the conflicts were massive and destructive. Most of them led to wars, but today the world has changed. After the Great War in which 9 million people died, the United Nations has been trying to establish peace, communication, international security to avoid conflicts and wars. Now we live in a world with different ways of communication, a more advanced technology and if there are wars at this particular time, it will be a disaster. Most of the countries possess nuclear power, different types of weapons which we don’t know what they’re capable of.

Lastly, we have to know our duties towards each other. Taking care for each and every one, understand each other is what matters today. If there is no communication between people, countries, states, continents, definitely we will be the victims of these wars. Perhaps, the war has taken a different direction, by destroying the heart of a person; you have destroyed the person himself. It is almost the same, starting terrorism, civil wars within a country. Today we must stand together and not let happen any other wars, and protect humanity.


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