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A Meeting with Imam Faisal

This week we talked about the use of ethics on the current affairs. We learned how to use the ethical thinking in our life. After a short time, we had some visitor, Imam Faisal, a renounced speaker, philosopher, creator of Cordova Initiative. He shared his experiences with us. He was such an extraordinary speaker that everyone was amazed.

We learned many new thinking on life and clarified many misconception about life and religion. He described his past, present and future plans with us. He told us how to be a person with own dignity and honor, asking self-awareness questions, how to relate the Islam’s teaching with personal life. He taught us some basics of Islam and also answered many of ours questions such as inter-religious marriage, logical thinking about living so that we can get a clear picture on our thinking and believe.

Thus the class was more about personal affairs rather than current affairs. Some of us, including me wanted to ask some more questions, so we moved to Library Café and had a small talk over cup of tea. It was an exciting scope for me to meet with a great mind.

For the tutorial class we had an interesting activity on getting more information about us. We sit together and asked question to one person in a Mary-go-round way. We asked different kinds of personal information, some were hard and some were hilarious questions, but it was a good way to get to know about each other.

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