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2. David's cup cakes

Once upon a time, there lived a mother and son. His name was David. The mother wanted to teach David, the art of decision making.

She made two cup cakes. On top of a cup cake, she kept a nut.

On seeing the nut at the top, David was quick to grab the cake with the nut at the top. Mother took the other cup cake.

What a surprise! There were no nuts inside the cake for David. But his mother found more nuts inside the cake. David got disappointed.

Next week, David’s mother made cup cakes and asked him to pick one of the two. This time he picked the cup cake which did not have the nut at the top.

What a loss! This time too, there were no nuts inside his cup cake while his mother, who took the cake with a nut at the top, found again more nuts inside.

David got disappointed again.

Third week, When two cup cakes were offered to David, he asked his mother to choose for him. She gave one randomly. This time too, he found no nuts at the top and inside the cake.

Then David’s mother told him,

“ Dear son, first week, you made the decision at the peripheral level, believing what you see.

Next week, you made the decision based on your assumption.

Third week, you let someone else to decide for you.

All three ways brought you disappointment.

The best way to decide is to decide after careful critical thinking.

David learnt a life lesson.


Lesson: The art of decision making, Assumption brings sorrow, Peripheral and hurried decision brings disappointment, Critical thinking.

Author: John Britto Parisutham

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