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Nuclear Weapons and World Peace


It is a coarse phenomenon and undisputable conception that the cognitive content of organelle instrument and social class peace is one of those topics which a tidy sum of people and polity all around the terrestrial planet is very strongly about and so do I. It cannot be refuted that the atomic power enter and other germane technologies might bring administer of useful performance for the well-being of all the people all around the earthly concern which can also boost a lot to the economical maturation of countries. However, nuclear power and weapons, on the other hand, might otherwise be initiate to be a culprit for wars and deaths of many human beings. This research paper will treat this issue in details.

Problem Statement Despite the reality that nuclear cause can bring a lot of payment and can solace the survive of many citizenry all around the celestial body, there can be some groups of people or countries which might change the power of nuclear suasions as a way to either get the better of or threaten the lives of communities. One of the most indispensable and outstanding facets of this issue, which ought to be asserted, is that nuclear weapons are so dangerous that it can turn out in the deaths of millions or even millions of human beings. For example, when the world was in the multiplication of the World War II, thousands of innocent and young children died because of the nuclear weapon which was targeted and launched by the army of the Concerted State of matter of USA in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan.

Body When it comes to the language of the topic of nuclear weapons and nuclear power in general, it is natural and critical to let out about the drawbacks and other prescribed face of such power or weapons.. However, when we come about to talk about the adverse impacts of the nuclear weapons, it should be said that there are a number of miserable and devastative consequences of the exercise of nuclear weapons for dishonorable propose. A number of countries have already utilized the devastative power of nuclear weapons as a way to call for their enemies. For happening, nuclear weapons have been used in the World War II by the to destroy some parts of Japan as an answer to the set about which Japan had done to the US antecedently.There is no precise evidence to refute that the proceeds of nuclear weapons and its right utilization for particular purposes are nowadays one of the most preponderating issues of now’s high society. A number of countries in different continents of the world have already highly-highly-developed their atomic instrument and technologies. Some of those countries might have peaceful purposes for the utilization of such technologies whilst some others might be targeting or having some political theory-related plans to threaten the peaceful surround of the countries and the Earth as a whole. Such as to support the headland of thought mentioned above, it would certainly be a good melodic line to deport that there was a late problem solving done by the University of Stanford University in conjunction with the United Nations Organization (UN) in the United States of America, which was hypothetic to dissect the issue of nuclear weapon system and to find out the number and the names of the countries with existing or being-made-up nuclear persuasion. From the answer of the search project accomplished by these two giant organizations, it turned out to be ostensible that a number of countries had always developed their nuclear systems including the Russian Federation, the United States of America, Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, India, China and Israel. From this context and example, it can easily be inferred that there are already a numerous number of countries with such weapons which can be the main reason out for the World War three or other devastation effect among the countries with nuclear weapons. It should also emphatic that there was a recent epoch grammatical category when the dictator leader of North Korea threatened some countries saying that it might use its nuclear weapons to blast other countries. If this situation happens in reality, it is obvious that millions and even billion people’s lives might be in a great venture and they might die within seconds with the result of the immense and sinewy blowup of the nuclear weapons. Another apparent and import. As everything does possess its disadvantage, the printing of cell organelle technologies and mightiness is not an exception to this cut. To be more exact and detailed, it can be said that atomic computer programmer and schema can be a very beneficial and commodious slave for countries to quickly boost their economies and also pipingtain the peace and tranquility in the planet. Numerous nuclear technologies and programs have so far been with success utilized and inquiry by various countries in the planetary for a determine of positive and useful purposes. One of the best examples for the statement mentioned above is Japan. For example, Japan did get its nuclear commonwealth plants and other programs in such a way that it does immovableness a very essential personation in its national economy and the well-being of all its citizens. To be more accurate, it has to be said that they do have a number of factories and plants all around Japan which are heavily dependent on the nuclear power. The stir-generating factories are the best examples of such an issue. It has been proven and declared to be valid by a number of global-known researchers all around the ball that nuclear power and plants bet on it can beget energy to the people of Japan, for example, in a very little time with very little proletariat force involved. Japan an area which is extremely developed and populated and therefore they do need a brobdingnagian total of electricity to fulfill the demand of the people and the country for the electricity and other agency of power which are the main of import characteristic of a country’ economic condition quo. One of the next most crucial aspects of nuclear power and weapons is that it can be a very powerful tool for countries’ governments to be able to implement all the potential measures and the right degree of application to make sure that they do keep and stabilize the peaceful environment among the countries. For example, Pakistan did develop its nuclear weapons and programs as a way to keep the peaceful environment between Pakistan and India. This is predominantly due to the fact that if Pakistan had not developed its nuclear weapons, there was a very high level of probability that India might have attacked Pakistan. From this context, I do strongly contend that it was a right decision for Pakistan to develop its nuclear weapons and plants to be able to sustain the peace in the country and to avoid any wars between those two countries. There are some people those who do wonder and question whether there is any organization or an authority which can halt, control or monitor any nuclear weapons or activities. As a response for such wonders, it can be said that the most powerful and dominant organization which can interfere with other countries’ affairs and nuclear programs is the United Nations Organization (UN) and its headquarters are located in the United States of America, New York. Even though the United Nations Organization does it best to control and halt any nuclear proliferation and related activities, there have been some cases when specific governments did not obey by the universal and international regulations and then developed their nuclear weapons. Some of such countries can be Iran, Israel and North Korea. Those counties have been repeatedly told not to deal with any activities regarding the devastative nuclear weapons, however, those countries’ governments failed to comply with the directions that the UN had pointed. As a result, the United Nations Organization had no other choice but to organize some sorts of peaceful and reaching-agreement talks with the mentioned above countries. According to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), it is true to say that there was also a recent situation with the Iranian government regarding its nuclear weapons. The US government did also consider imposing some sorts of sanctions against some countries like Iran, North Korea and Israel because of their secret and confidential nuclear programs and multiplications. When it comes to the top priorities of the United Nations and the universal convention, it can be said that it is the top priority of the United Nations to keep peace among the world’s countries and to avoid any conflicts and/or wars among countries. Therefore, the UN is very considerate when it comes to the issue of nuclear power. However, I do strongly believe that the UN would not contradict those countries which might express their wish to use nuclear power for peaceful purposes. These sorts of peaceful purposes can be in the form of generating electricity, boosting economies, doing some kinds of medical researches and maintaining peace as well. However, the aspect which the UN is worried about the nuclear power and its usage is the potential thought that it might lead to wars or conflicts among the countries of the world.

Conclusion Overall, it can be deduced by saying that nuclear power and other related programs can be utilized both for peaceful and terrorist purposes by the governments of different countries of the world and therefore I do contend that the United Nations Organization (UN) and other powerful authorities have to take the responsibility to halt, control and monitor any dangerous nuclear weapon development or technologies to ensure stability of this world.


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Name: Liban Omar Moalim Mohamud

ID: 102120550

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