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Homosexual Marriage should be recognized and legalized

Homosexual marriage also known as gay marriage is marriage between two persons of the same gender identity (Brendan McGinley, July 09, 2011). The debate over gay marriage has been a critically issue in our society over many years now. The idea of allowing two people of the same gender to enter into the institution of marriage has brought out the drastic emotions and reactions from many country and different groups of people. Gay and lesbian marriage has becomes a controversial debate in contemporary society. The homosexual marriage explains that the underlying assumption for those in favor of gay marriages is that the central aspects of love, relationship, and understanding should overcome all other issues. The celebrity that was homosexual sex in his life is Elton John, the Seems to Be the Hardest Word’. The gay marriages not have the potential to create serious problems with regard to a range of very important social and cultural issues that make marriages of this nature untenable in modern society.

Traditionally the most country in this world, marriage has been defined as a religious & legal commitment between a man and woman, as well as the expression of love. Homosexual marriage or relationships are increasingly gaining acceptance in this country however, these couples have not been permitted to marry. Some states have considered a new form of commitment called a civil union, which essentially is marriage without using the word marriage. Many politicians have said they are against gay marriage but think it should be left up to the states to decide. Thus, if one state allows a gay marriage and that couple moves to another state, the other state must recognize that marriage. This in effect allows one state to make same-sex marriage legal in the entire country.  As of June 26, 2013, gay marriage has been legalized in 13 US states and the District of Columbia (Darryl Bush, 2013). On June 26, 2013 the decision allowed same-sex married couples to receive the same federal benefits granted to heterosexual married couples, including tax breaks and pension rights (Darryl Bush, 2013).

                                     “In this chaotic society deals with the actions of a Malaysian student who married with his pair in Dublin, now many who are there ostensibly deals with young Malays who have done so outside the country. The New Straits Times on December 22, 2011, the former student, Ariff Alfian, was wear in Malay traditional costume. His Caucasian partner was equally well turned out. It wasn’t a grand wedding, but what made the entire combo of photos extraordinary was that the man and ‘wife’ were of the same gender.” (Chok Suat Ling, 2013).

Indeed, issues related to transgender and homosexuality remains extremely sensitive in this country. Many have, however, not been able to look beyond the marriage.

Homosexual marriage here explains that the underlying assumption for those in favor of gay marriages is that the central aspects of love, relationship, and understanding. They are living in peaceful and do not disturbing the society or anyone in particular. It does not hurt any society or people in this world who does not involve in their marriages. It is a personal commitment with both of them that really is no one else’s business. Society should not be dictating that what actually two people can or cannot do when no one else is hurt in the process. If the certain groups disapprove them, that is their right, but it isn’t their right to stop it. Same sex marriage would not affect and do not disturbing the society, so what is the big deal to approve them. Besides that, homosexual marriage would make it easier for couples to adopt, providing stable home for children who would otherwise be left in foster care (Van Den, 2013). Since gay couples cannot have children naturally, they will have a desire to adopt. This will actually increase the number of adoption in country and decrease the rate of child abandonment. Like any heterosexual couple relationship, a homosexual marriage may fuel the desire for a family. Since there are so many kids around the country in need of adoption, this is a good thing for couple who cannot produce a child. However, others believe a child reared in a same-sex marriages do not develop ideally. The government should put a condition that gay couples need adopt children to get married. The government should see this as a great boon that gay marriage could bring to kids who need nothing more than two loving parents. By allowing them to get married, the government also actually will not have to support the orphan or the abandoned children (Nancyok, 2013).

Legalizing homosexual marriage will not harm the heterosexual marriage of family values. The homosexual marriage will not affect any straight marriage or straight relationship. This is because the homosexual people just only want to be together and all the gay people are humans and should have the same right as others people. Gay and lesbian people do not want to push their relationships out there and they just only want to be recognized as a couple. As we know , the traditionally has been a man and a woman but the fact that two women or two men wish to be married and share the same feelings that a man and a woman feel then this should and will in no way effect the heterosexual marriage as we know it now (Brendan McGinley, 2012). Furthermore, same-sex marriage is a civil right. Gay marriages should be a civil rights issue. “People are born gay, and it is not possible for them to change their ability to find happiness with someone of the other sex. They should be allowed to enjoy the benefits of marriage, just the same as any other two people.” (FerrCasual, 2013). Therefore, if gay people have basic human rights, then they should also have civil right in marriage. Besides that, the children can be raised successfully by two people of the same sex if they are raised intelligently for example they can adopt the children from orphanage house when they wishes to be married because as a human else they also wanted to have a children same with heterosexual marriage.

Infertile couples cannot produce children. The same things go to the same-sex couple. Therefore, the government should be legalized the same-sex couple marriage. They should not be banned by the reason of they cannot expand their species. If the government give this reason not to allow them to get married, then the government also should banned the infertile people from getting married. This argument concerns two relatively rare situations, younger infertile couple and elderly couple. “If marriage is about children, why does the state allow the first group to marry and the reason is that while we know every same-sex couple is infertile, we do not generally know that about opposite-sex couples.” (Brandon Vogt, 2013). Some suggest forcing every engaged couple to undergo mandatory fertility testing before marriage (Brandon Vogt, 2013). It is proven that most elderly couples cannot produce children and still they are allowed to get married. The matter of justice should be applied here, where the same-sex couple should be allowed. Thus, the government should legalize them and the society have to accept this homosexual marriage because they can  provide a healthy model for the rest of society, and are still capable of offering the orphan children a home with them.

Homosexual marriage confuses children about the gender roles of mankind. When they go to school, the society teaches them that only a man and woman can pro-create. Unfortunately, when they reach home, they realize that their parents are both men and women. It is difficult to teach the importance and traditions of the family when such confusion is thrust upon them. “Only a man and woman can bear children, and for thousands of years, a man and woman headed household has carried generations of people through life.” (Joe Messerli, 2012). Children need the kind of love from both a mother and a father provided. Plus, children learn how to relate to both sexes later in life by relating to both a mom and a dad and observing the way in which they relate to each other (Bryan Fischer, 2008). Just imagine, if a child have only fathers who will both teach him about how to be an aggressive and how to improve the sexual drives in them. Next, if children have only mothers, they will only learn about how to be a lovable person without knowing how to control the impulses. Those are the two primary reasons why boys without fathers are more likely to become delinquent and end up incarcerated while boys without mother will not learn how to control the emotions. Not only that, girls need a father to protect them and there are times in a girl’s life when only a father will do. For instance, a father offers a daughter a safe, non-sexual place to experience her first male-female relationship. “Girls without fathers tend toward promiscuity to satisfy their inborn hunger for male validation.” (Trayce Hansen, 2012). Therefore, homosexual marriage should not be legalized.

Homosexual marriage should be legalized. Firstly, children are not going to get confused with the gender roles. The reason is very explicit where by when the government allow this same-sex marriage, the society itself will change. The number of same-sex couple will be numerous. In fact, anti-marriage argue that “it confuses children about gender roles and expectations of society” (Messerli, 2011) when much of a child’s ideas about gender roles come from social learning. They claim this confusion could be damaging to society at large. However, Meezan and Rauch claim there may be as more than 166,000 children being raised by same-sex couples. A study performed by the American Psychological Association finds that “there is no evidence that children of lesbian and gay parents are confused about their gender identity, either in childhood or adulthood, or that they are more likely to be homosexual.” (Meezan and Rauch, 2005). So, the children would not get confused because they are not the only one having a ‘homosexual parent’. Next, the house believes that the children of the homosexual marriage will not being neglected because woman or man nowadays is exposed to their opposite gender roles. If fact a woman can be a prime minister, why cannot the same woman lead their children and if a man can be a chef and tailor, why cannot they teach their children on how to have a woman or man attitude. For example, Margaret Thatcher was Britain’s first female prime minister and served three consecutive terms in office. Another, Chef Wan is a Malaysian celebrity chef. His early career was as an accountant and he says after seeing the popularity of many types of Asian food in Western countries he decided to promote Malaysia and other South East Asian countries using their food. The government should not forbid the same sex couple to get married. In fact, the government should use alternatives like educating the same sex couple about their opposite gender roles. 

In conclusion, homosexual marriage should be recognized and legalized in this world. Homosexuality is an openly accepted lifestyle in this world we live in today. The society realizes that a same sex marriage is good as any other and that it has absolutely no effect on anyone else’s life. Denying them marriage is a form of minority discrimination. Finally, the only things that should truly matter in a marriage are love. A same sex couple deserves the same rights to marriage as heterosexual couples. Marriage is to express the feelings of love one person has for another and that is to be encouraged. Gay marriage should be legalized because it not being is disrespectful, reasonless and the most important is equal rights should be achieved in that anybody could get married. Overall, throughout the whole life people tells that happiness is key, and they finally find it but of course society tells they no and said they’re doing it wrong they need to change back. And if god did not support homosexuality he would not have made them like this. Marriage is the binding of two people and god. Just because a book written a long time ago says that it is between a male and a female that does not mean it cannot be change. Finally, changing the law is not going to change the whole world but it sure is a damn good start.


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