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Democracy should be the only political system

Democracy is a method of regime wherein the leaders of nations are elected by the people through free and fair elections. The supreme power of nations are belonged to the people and they practised it by them directly through a procedure of demonstration. People are not liable to government but governments have a restriction and a liability to people. The government is based on the determination of people. The nominated rulers must follow the people and be responsive to their requirements.  If people are not satisfy about the government, they can select new leader. However, in my point of view, democracy should be only choice for the government in a political system because it gives equal right to people, it also develops the conditions of economic growth and it also ensures the freedom for citizens in every sphere of life.

Firstly, equal right of people: democracy is a process for building up collective decisions wherein everyone has an equivalent right to performances a role. It is an organization wherein persons have certain equality in political power. In addition, the right is something that you are allowed to do and the supervision and all the public’s services must admire the rights. Everyone has rights but the most important is particular right but everyone has rights.

In democracy system, the government should make sure for citizens equality in every sectors of life. For instance, everybody has rights for freedom and people should not be arrested without having reasons for any issues. In nations, if the police think that people have done wrong thing, for this reasons, people have been detained. If people are arrested, then the police are responsible to bring the persons in front of court.  But the trial should be a fair for such as if people borrow money from  someone and that persons have not paid yet and the judgement must be fair and liberated and the judgement should be informed the public in order to do justice among people. The government should not be biased any side by doing wrong judgement. The persons will be innocent until he has no prove of guilty and the persons have right to shield own self and have right to get assistance to  prove themselves that the case is against you. The law should be legal and justice and there will be no more injustice for innocent people. In democracy, the governments are responsible to make sure that every citizens get right justices for their own deeds.

People’ rights can be different types such as civil and political rights, economic, social, cultural rights, and human security. The leaders of government should make sure all those rights because the purpose of the elections was to preserve the people’s right. The rulers of democracy always should give priority the citizens who have elected them. In additions, democratic society forms chances for active residency. Medias and newspaper should be out of control and they can keep a vital role for people to make consciousness and aids to enhance knowledge and get to know about the world and social advantages should be equalized among people as health, education, women’s empowerment, social services which are essential in daily life and the government should equalise those types of facilities among people who are under residency areas.

Furthermore, security is also very important factor to keep pace in societies for people in order to live net and clean societies. Moreover, there are some basic needs such as shelter, food, Medicare, educations are indispensable in daily life. So, the governments should fulfil the basic requirements of human needs.Besides, unacceptable conditions: if war, famine, depression, sudden and hurtful distractions such as cyclone, tornedo, and tsunami occurs in democratic countries. The government should take immediate actions so that the problems can be solved and people’s life will be normal. For instances in every years, cyclone occurs in nations, these kind of emergency period the leaders of democratic parties should keep role to secure people from bad circumstances. However, when people are able to fulfil a basic needs of physical security such as a shelter, food, sanitation and employment facilities. Afterwards, people usually give priority to achieve political and civil rights.

Secondly, sustain economic growth:  democracy is a crucial for sustaining of economic growth because the leaders of democratic parties are obligated to people and balance economic growth in order to keep pace with competitive world. Moreover, in the present world, there are 193 nations and 132 nations have democracy and its popularities increasing in the other nations. For instance, in 1992 the Thailand was under control of a military, the middle class people came out into the paths to get rid of this regimes for the purpose of getting liberty and democracy. After having achieved the democracy, many NGOs, media overseers, foreign investors and the other organizations reached to hand to reform Thailand through management the unemployment rate in order to develop the economic conditions. Also the democracy governments had taken the responsibility in order to improve the conditions of economic conditions.

However, democracies with parliaments of multi-party achieved a better growth of economic performances. Additionally, in democracies, single party is a governmental system where the all parties are involved together in work in a parliaments. This sorts of democratic systems performs well to progress the economic sectors because the all parties can decide what exactly they need to do for the development of economic areas. They can take quick decision to do any kind of economic tasks.  In long term planning and short term planning and the single party can do their duties hurriedly in short term and long term planning such as Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan are a single party which has reached at the peak of development. They also improve the method of export-orientated economic goods through the regulator of banks, state-business cooperation. In single parties, there is no intervention any other political parties which can mess up the democracy. Consequently, they can do whatever they think for the progress of economic.

On the other hands, in democracies system multi parties keeps more role for the development of economic conditions. The multi-parties mean that it has two or more parties in democracy procedure. Even though, in the earlier ages, the multi-parties failed to sustain rapid growth between 1960 and 1999. But the majority time it has achieved its goals.  From the era 2000 until present time the multi-party democracies have improved the conditions of economic such as India, Brazil, Malaysia and Senegal are multiparty which have increased the high rate of economic growth. Moreover, in multiparty, different people have different view and they can use it in order to develop the conditions of economic sectors. There will be no problems continuity of democracy. Consequently, the economic growth will go high rapidly.

Thirdly, Freedom in democracy: democracy is a method of government wherein political power is detained by the people. People are not liable to government but governments have a restriction and a liability to people. People can give their own opinion about anything and their outlook can be different but the government should not penalise people. Specially, people will have freedom of speech and there will be no more intervention.   Every religious people can obey their own religion freely. In democracy system, Hindus, Muslims, Christian can carry on their religions and they are free from government intervention.  Moreover, for electing the leaders, supporters can choose their own leaders and on one can interpose. If opposites parties rebelled against the government but the government should not kill people and every citizens should get liberty in order to achieve their own satisfaction.

For illustration, Malaysia is a democracy and peaceful country where there is no war, collective violence, genocide and mass murder and the governments are supporting citizens in every sphere of life. For jobs facilities, education facilities, transportation conveniences. The communities have a liberty of choices whatever they expect, the citizens will find. Additionally, author, writer, newspaper publisher and others media should be out of government intervention. Even though they criticize about governments. The liberty to manage business and to form unions. Consequently, the environment of democratic nations will be fair and justice. Every citizen will get freedom in democratic countries.

In conclusion, democracy should be the only political system of government because through democratic procedure government can equalize the rights of human beings. People are get liberty and citizens will have independence and they will not feel trouble in their daily. In democratic systems, people are not under government but governments are liable to people and whatever they expect from governments, the government will be obligated to fulfil the people’s needs.  In democracy, people have righteous of following religions. Moreover, democracy plays vital role for sustaining economic growth and whoever want to aid the government they can help to enhance the economic conditions. Especially, democracy is the best choice for people because they can have power to select and they can throw out the leaders if they do not like governments. People accept democracy because of getting of freedom and in their life there is no intervention of government.


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