World War

 In this lecture we discussed about the World War I, we watched a documentary about it and from it we can tell that the World War began as a result of countries fearing each other. Germany did not declare war but, British and French were feeling insecure having the German’s navy nearby so, they started the war. The conflict first started with terrorist acts in the Baltic Sea, which made Germany feel unsafe and start preparing for war, either for defence or attack.

During the lecture we had to answer few questions which were distributed to us:

  1. Is war avoidable, and is permanent peace achievable?

I think that war is unavoidable, and I do not know even a case where two nations avoided war. Wars have been present since the first mankind, and they will follow us until the last day on earth. Interest and power are what leads two nations in wars.

  1. Distinguish between peace-making, peace keeping and peace building.

Peace-making is someone who tries to bring peace in a society. Peace keeping is the active maintenance of a truce between countries or nations by international military forces. Peace building is a term which is used to describe the activities and processes involved in resolving conflicts and establishing a sustainable peace.

  1. DO you think that the UN has failed in its mission? If so, how has it failed? If not, what are its successes? 

Well, many people say that UN has failed in its mission. But, based on statistics and my opinion I think that UN has succeeded, maybe they did not achieve their main goal but as long as there is progress, there is success!

  1. The declaration of humans’ rights is a worthless document. Do you agree? State your reasons clearly and rationally. 

In my opinion the declaration of human rights is a very worthy document because in it are stated all human rights, and people across the world would not be able to know their rights and raise their voice against unjust if it was not for this document.

Student: Butrint Bozalija

ID No. 209110188

Subject: Current Affairs

Week: 11


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