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World’s biggest Problems– Unemployment

I have to admit that one of the most boring lectures I attended during this trimester was the lecture of the sixth week conducted by prof Evangelos. This lecture was very boring and we spent almost one hour asking the students to write ten of the world’s biggest issues. Each student went to the board and wrote some, and this took around one hour. Nevertheless, I decided to choose of the topics and use it for my reflection dairy. The topics include global warming, juvenile, poverty, hungry, pollution, and terrorism and so on. The topic which I opted for to use is scarcity of jobs which I believe because of it many other big issues are happening. Lack of jobs is very dangerous and it has many effects on the people. This might include starvation and social problems like robbery. Therefore, I have chosen scarcity of jobs and how it affects us.

Unemployment is one of the biggest problems that are facing the globe today and its rate is increasing day after day. There are many causes of unemployment; however its root causes are the ever increasing number of the people in which the current resources cannot support all of them, and automation which is using machines instead of human labour. Lack of jobs has many negative effects on society by creating health problems, social problems and poor living standards.

People who fail to find jobs are always high risk of suffering from many health problems compared to other people. Premature death and chronic illnesses are the two main obstacles that they face; however, they are also more likely to get other diseases. Owing to distress, they also suffer a lot of psychological problems that give rise to many problems like family breakdown, suicidal attempts, depression, having very low-esteem and other related hardships. Moreover, mental problems also results in social unrest because of increase in crime rate. Many people, especially teenagers, try illegal ways such as smuggling, snatching, and drug business and so on to make living.

The most serious consequence of the unemployment is poor living standard which eventually causes very severe living conditions and sometimes, starvation. The scarcity of jobs resulted in many families to earn very low incomes which cannot cover their basic needs such as food. These families could not afford to buy food which is becoming more expensive day after day; hence many of them die as a result of starvation. The unemployed parents could not also pay the tuition fees of their children; consequently these poor children do not attend schools. This means these children will remain illiterate and they might not find jobs when they grow up.

In conclusion, redundancy has increased immensely, owing to the technology breakthrough, uncontrollable growth of the population and the lack of skilled labour, leaving many people unhealthy and socially unstable. The number of victims from the wrongdoings of idle people will rise, so does the death rate caused by famine. The problem is very dangerous; therefore, governments should try hard to at least reduce it by creating job opportunities.

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