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Why suicide is not accepted?

The following week we had a lecture about Suicide and abortion.  We deeply have studied about these ethical issues that are under the discussion of all the people.  And each of us has different opinion to these issues.  There is no correct one answer to this dilemma. The reason is that, when some consider it as right, others consider as totally wrong.

First, I would like to analyze suicide. As you know suicide is killing one’s self.  According to Divine Command Framework which claims that actions depend on laws of God, suicide is not accepted.  In Islam it is big fault that leads the soul of person to hell and suffer after the death.  Even it is not allowed to burden the person who made suicide. But from my point of view it is not correct. Because there may be a lot of reasons that made person to kill himself∕herself.  It is not easy just make suicide, in fact the person who did it mostly will be mentally sick or weak that cannot bear the difficulties of life. That’s why they may do it unconsciously.  On the other hand, it is unethical also, because there are many problems that we face during our life. It is true that making suicide is an easy way to get rid of all the problems but it will bring unhappiness to others (family, friends, and children).  I think that there is not any problem in the world; the problem is in our mind. We create problems by ourselves. Considering and understanding this we can come to conclusion that suicide is not good and ethical.

Second issue is abortion. Abortion is killing a human being. Any one of us may come across with this issue. We can look to it from many perspectives. I would like to tell some of them. From religious perspective, only God can take or gave a life. There for it is wrong to do an abortion.  However abortion is not always wrong and unethical action. It depends on the situation. There are some circumstances like financial condition, relationship problems, being not yet married that forces women to do abortion.  Sometimes this action might be considered as right because the intention of women which is to not let the future baby to suffer from hunger or poverty is good and correct. I am not encouraging people to do abortion but trying to say that before judging women who did abortion we should first understand her situation and sympathy her.

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