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Who are you?

During week ten of current affairs lecture we didn’t discuss or focus on any particular topic, the lecturer just gave some information about the use of ethics on the current affairs. So, I didn’t get so much information about that because I was late however, I was late but I still got some point of how to use the ethical thought in our life on how to make our goal successful without unethical way as we all knows that each generation has been changed time by time even the way of people also has move on to the new style moreover some of them don’t know of how to being honest on their life such as business, doctor and so on. Thus, these things are near to us but it depends on how we going to deal with it either in the ethical way or unethical way.

After that, we had some visitor from India, also Mr. Feisal the one who give the speech for us. His life is full of experiences on so many countries which he has been visited when he was young such as Malaysia, USA, Africa and some Arab countries. Moreover, he had learnt the new culture from different places that he have been there. He focus more on how to be a humble person by asking the question which is related on the topic base on the Islam structure such as who are you? What are you standing for in this world? And leave some question to us for thinking the sentences was if the thing you seen can change so, how about the past? During that lecture time it really made me confuse because I couldn’t get it.Then, he talked about the different of religion, local of fundamentals of life, people can adapt to more culture by narrowing, standing for the truth, true is contextual and true has time limit.

For the tutorial class we just discussed about our next assignment and we have two option to choose either write the research paper 2000 words include citation or argumentative essay 1000 words and the result of vote among student in tutorial class most of us agree on argumentative essay more than research paper. I am also one of them who chosen argumentative essay because it is suitable for me to write it moreover, I had the experiences on how to write the argumentative essay.

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