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What is covered under current affairs? – by Ekhlas Musaed

Current affair simply means what is recently happing all over the world. Current affairs can also cover as news. However, many of us get confused if all news is current affairs but definitely not all news is current affairs because news can cover the news of future as well as news of the past. It same goes no all current affairs are in the news; there are some issues which are not in the global news or even locally. Today my respective lecturer presented in class a very interesting window in current affairs related to the issues that are recently happening. This window mainly covers four different parts which are environmental, social, political and cultural issue and all of these can get affected by technological improvements and science as well. Environmental issues such as global warming, pollution, natural disasters are happening recently but many of us are not aware of it. .All of these are not happening themselves but we humans are the ones behind such misusing of the resource without thinking of its negative effect. Also we destroy the beauty of nature by cutting a trees and polluting the river and sea. Economic issues are very important aspects in current affairs that cover the globalization. Globalization affects the whole world and it becomes a small village. Presently, we can see many counties all over the world having conflict. For example, the two neighbor counties would fight for natural resource or something else like Japan and Korea fighting for the sea. Moreover, science and technological improvement always stand beside the powerful countries rather than powerless ones. Therefore, we can see some rich countries are getting richer and the poor remain poor or even getting poorer. Cultural issues, our culture shapes us the way we are today. Each one of us has a different way of perception and thinking. All of those differences can lead to conflict. That is what we can see in some countries. The conflicts do not happen just globally but could be within different parties of the same country. Political Issues is a very serious aspect which can lead to conflict. This happens in some particular counties for some reasons like election or the power countries want to control the powerless one. Personally, after hearing about all of those issues I felt like I wanted to change the world. As we are the future generation of the globe, we can join hands to make a difference. In addition, we should appreciate what “ALLAH” has given to us of beautiful natural surrounding and stop destroying it. Furthermore, recently what is happing in Syria, Palestine, Somalia and some parts of Africa are mainly due to corruption and government intervention and political issues such as election. Lastly, I would say that current affairs makes me think critically and analyze what are the reasons behind all of those global conflicts and helps me avoid it.

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