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What I learned and what I gained from CURRENT AFFAIR Course – by Hla Lunn Shwe

Before interpreting about my insight gained, as a start, I would like to share my own thinking on current affair, especially how my brain understands on it and how my mind accepts it. The two words – Current and Affairs come together to give an interesting name to a subject of study. Current means recent, day to day life and affairs mean events, issues etc. Therefore current affairs are the day to day incidents and events around us. This course is prepared to make us to be aware of the recent international happenings in and around of each country. By learning this course, I become to understand the complexities of the modern world with clarity. Furthermore, I would like to access not only to information, but also to more meaningful knowledge and understanding of factual information on the global happenings. Current affairs revolve around happenings in different field related to national, international, economic, and political, science and technology, environment. Truly speaking, all these things are internally linked to human environment. As we said in class, human life is also based on those ecology and environment. They also vary according to the scale of which these events occur, be it at national level, regional level or international level. Current Affairs enclose within its fold incidents occurring in different categories as well as related developments. For example, the events can be of national importance, or be relevant at the state, district level. Likewise if we talk about International Current, its range could be related to the various aspects and reach could be spread across a diverse of continents. Looking at this vastness in reach and range of current affairs it can be suggested that one should demarcate the limits of current affairs on the basis of individual needs and objectives. Anyway, there is a useful method to analyse the diversity of current affairs from different regions of the world. That is called window style questioning and we can figure out the reality illustration of dominant affairs and current issues that is happening around us. Moreover, we will be able to find out a logic solution for those affairs.

What I learned and what I gained in 2nd week of Current Affair Lecture

In my opinion, this subject can help me to develop increased awareness of my community, and the enhancement of practical skills. I really appreciate of learning this course in this trimester and it is a great opportunity for me to broaden my knowledge through the worldview. It can help me to ascertain some of the interesting facts and news that is happening in the world. By accessing the information from the internet and I would be able to get a quick peep into latest developments of the world. With the advance of Technology usage and the speed of current affair, nowadays we can easily catch up all the latest new and issues of the world by sitting in one place. As I understand from this week lecture, the hidden reason of why current affairs are happening in this world is because of environment and ecology. For example, if there is no land, no water, or no food, it is sure that people could not survive their life. In this case, it is more likely to occur for civil war as well as world war. Back to the history, we can see clearly that there is almost no country in this world left which didn’t deal with any affair and issue in any field. However, writing reflective journal helps me to recall my precious memory of past times. Thus, it looks like a portfolio which keeps all the special moments that I had done in the past. Hopefully, in future, I might be able to custom those marvelous knowledge in any necessary situation of life. Hence, I can go through easily at any time as it helps in brushing up of one’s knowledge on current affairs. Not only this much benefits from learning this course, now, it seems like I am able to use the helpful window questioning style to see the overview of the issues in detail form. It seems to be quite interesting for me because it allows me to exercise my ability of thinking up to a certain level. However, as a new generation of this world, it is necessary for the youths like us to keep abreast with the world happenings and broaden our view as well as our mind. I feel lucky to learn about current affair and connect my mind to this world.

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