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Week 3 Reflection Dairy for Current Affairs by Ismail Hossen

It is a highly pleasure for me that I am going to write an educative dairy for current affairs. In week three current affairs class our honorable lecturer taught us about globalization and how it is related with current situation. I am very much thankful to my professor who gave us a pure idea about it. Anyway I am writing what we have learnt in this lesson.

News is different from Current affairs because all current affairs are not news. For a current incident to become News, someone or a reporter must have taken curiosity in the spread of such occurrence. If not a current event may occur without ever getting into the news until later in the future. In the same way, not all news items are current events. A person may be interested in an old story. So an event need not be a current event before it becomes news.Globalization is one of the most spoken themes of current affairs. It is nothing but free market without borders. It holds together trade and transaction, capital and investment, migration and moved of people, kindness and discrimination etc. it involves of political, economic, sociocultural and environmental frame. When we chat about political globalization we get that the developed countries are dominating the developing countries. For example in some democratic state like Bangladesh though the public are supposed to select their government but it actually selected by richest nation like USA. By the media we can see what is going on the screen but we are unable to know what and how things are going on behind the shade. Transportation and telecommunication, common currency, open corporation, capital investment etc. are the parts of economic edge of globalization. AIRASIA is one the example for commercial frame for it. This plane are offering cheapest price for traveling. At present discrimination of currency is the most talked part of globalization. The developed countries don’t want to approve the common currency system. Day by day the climate is changing. The sea level is increasing ultimately. The tendency of over fishing in the ocean is going more acute nowadays. It is making our environmental structure of globalization risky. Currently the intention of intercultural marriage is a more popular than the earlier. People from all over the world are moving one corner to another corner for doing borderless marketplace. Whenever we go to one kingdom to another kingdom for business we have to know the values, traditions, nature habit of others.  As we are getting popular with others the opposite sides are also becoming common with ours. This makes an easy approach to involve with intercultural marriage which carries the strong example of modern sociocultural free trade frame.

Globalization is closely related with current affairs. Whenever we talk about current situation globalization comes in front us. Media also plays a vital role because any types news that are happening all over the world get  quickly access through the media but in my pont of viw above all globalization is the most important topic of current affairs.

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