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Week 3 by Ahmad Nuredy

Reflective Diary of Seminar on Current Affairs Week 3

Week 3 of lecture session was from 28th January 2013 to 1st February 2013. At this time, we learnt about conflict. In tutorial session, we discussed about globalisation. At this time, we needed to present a given topic. For me and my group, our topic was globalisation in socio cultural frame. We explained that socio cultural frame included international tourism, Mc Donalds / Starbucks, Americanisation/westernisation, multi lingual, health (HIV/AIDS), FIFA World Cup, and Olympics.

Globalisation was the process of international integration arising from the interchange of world views, products, ideas, and other aspects of culture. These were some characteristics of globalisation: ending of local, interdependent of economics and cultural activities, and inter-change of world views, products and ideas.

Then, we also studied several topics, such as: basic aspects of globalisation, economical frame of globalisation, socio cultural frame of globalisation, and environmental frame of globalisation. For basics aspects of globalisation, it included trade and transaction, capital and investment, migration and movement of people, and dissemination of knowledge. For economical frame of globalisation, there were special economic zones (SEZ), brain drain (reverse brain drain), outsourcing, consumerism, and transportation / telecommunication / internet. In socio-cultural frame of globalisation, there were international tourism, Mc Donalds / Starbucks, Americanisation / Westernisation, multilingual, Health (HIV / AIDS), FIFA World Cup, and omlypics. For environmental frame of globalisation, it included climate change, cross boundary water, and over fishing in the ocean

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