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Week 2 – Dominant Current issues in the world – by Yug Tara Moktan

As usual in this week also we continue discussed  our previous week topics that dominant of the current issues in the world. I have got to know more about the overall dominant of current affairs happening of the world. As well as I have also learned that we are part of environment and we rely on it. Therefore environment is the most essential and prior dominant of current affairs because other issues always based on two things  that is environment and ideology. Furthermore, I also got to know about some ideas of globalization, sociology-economic-political and cultural. Basically these are the issues and rules.

In terms of identifying the issues of dominant of current affairs, I think we have to approach first in our environment as lecture mentioned in class. As we know, global warming, pollution, natural disaster, and so on is affecting the environment consequently human beings as well. Thus we can say that whenever we see action we have to look at every issue.

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