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We should save the harmony of the nature

This week in Ethics lecture I studied about ethical issues: same sex marriage, death penalty and animal rights. I found this lecture interesting as I gained new information. Especially about the topic same sex marriage. I did not know much about same sex marriage, because I have never encountered and heard about this issue in my country before.  Therefore it was unacceptable and unethical for me.

This is very arguable issue in modern society. According to statistics, majority of people are not accepting lesbians and gays. Some people are so anxious and angry about this that they are punishing them by ignoring beating and even killing them.

I would like to tell the advantages and disadvantages of same sex marriage according to ethical frameworks. First, Divine Command Framework asserts this as an unethical and immoral action. In religions it is said that people need to get married in order to form family and have children. But equal marriage is not able to carry out this function so it is unnatural. Therefore, same sex marriage according to this framework is not a right decision.

Second, Relativism Framework states that action depends on one’s own value system and rules in one’s society. Equal sex marriage might be considered as a right action because the one who takes an action believe that it is good and their community. For example Canada, Sweden and some other countries can allow such marriage.

Next framework which is Virtue Ethic also thinks same sex marriage as right action because person who takes an action has good intention of having family with a person whom she/he likes. So they may live longer and happy life.

As for me, I think that every one of us has own role as a men or women in this world and we should save the harmony of the nature. From my point of view same sex marriage is a result of dullness or modernism consequences.

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