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W-5 Current Affairs- by UBAID UR RAZA

Seminar of current affairs is one of my favorite subjects. After the lecture class, I wait for the tutorial class where we get more discussion and information about what happening around the world and as well as how to overcome those problem and issues. In this subject we try to reach towards the root of the issue and it give more clarification in the tutorial class. This week lecture was delivered by Prof Afendras.

The lecture was held on Wednesday, February 13, 2013 and the topic was globalization. Globalization affected in some aspects of our life, such as: technology, environment, culture, etc. we need to admit that the world`s economy has changed a lot as compared with the mid of XX century.  After the first part of the century we can see the formation and integration of the countries in terms of the business especially. Coming to the XXI century the large groups came into existence. For example: Eurozone, Asian tigers, Shanghai, CIS countries, African Union and etc.

Because of globalization, most of the countries of the world no longer concentrated on local markets. Their focus became on regional or even world markets. It also changed the way they produced goods domesticity including which goods they produced at all. Just because a country might have the resources and ability to produce a particular commodity no longer meant that they would necessarily produce it. If someone else in the world could produce it more cheaply and with a higher quality, they might just concentrate on what they were better at producing. In short, the current situation of globalization is much more complex than ever before and it is encountering a great deal of obstacles which require the solutions.

In the tutorial class, we learn about how to write an affective reflective diary. Some instruction paper about reflective diary were distributed in the class which was very helpful for us during writing reflective diary. After that, we wrote a reflective diary on “JUNK FOOD AND ME” which I already posted in the website.

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