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Using Current Affairs Window as Closer Look to The World Issues – by Naima Ahmed

Current affairs can be defined as cultural, political, and social events which still occurring at present time. Current affairs can displays in the form of news programme or interviews program. Nevertheless, there is obvious difference between current affairs and news. News tends to cover many local and international stories and giving each story short time, but current affairs discussed the issue from all aspects economically, politically, culturally and socially and sometimes in talk show programs they bring experts guests to elucidate the issue more deeper which take long time. We can analysis and discuss any issue by using the current affairs window which cover the issue in terms of  political, economic, social and cultural view, and they get affect by science, technology and environmental.

From economic aspect of current affairs, there is globalization that is worldwide movement towards international trades and communication between countries. The economic condition of any country gets affected by ongoing political, social and cultural events. For example, in my country Somalia the economic get severely affected by the ongoing political conflict between the government and an armed hardline group.

For environmentally issue, it can happen as a result of misusing and destroying the nature without thinking of the future consequences. For instance, many droughts occurred in East Africa since the year 1980 to 2011, which had effects on millions of people that suffered from drought in the past decade alone. Drought occurred due to climate change in these countries, in particular due to the inaccessibility of rainfall, water scarcity and destroying the environment by cutting trees and causing pollutions.

For social, political and culture aspects, they shape how group of people think, communicate and reflect on current event that happening in particular country. For example, the Egyptian revolution starts as communication in Facebook between groups of people whom have common goals. The revolution was affected by the bad political and social condition in Egypt.

Overall, we as human beings interact with current events that occurring in the world. We can never isolate ourselves from what going on in other countries. We feel pain and anger of what is happening in Africa, Syria, Palestine, and other places which still suffering from injustice and corruption of governments and domination of big countries over poor countries. For this, current affairs give us an in-depth look of what is going on, so we maybe interact and care about what is happening in some countries even if we are not from these countries. Showing humanity, kindness, love, caring and compassion are important to make a big difference in achieving peace, prosperity and security among the world nations.

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