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United Nations: a peace-builder and a peace-keeper

United Nations and its role on many countries has been hugely debated and discussed among many people all around the world. There are many disputes which we had the chance to know about during our class. Arab-Israeli dispute, the Kashmir dispute, the issue about North Korea, United Nations and the Gulf War were some of the articles that help us to at least create an idea about the role of United Nations.

While reading the articles about United Nations, I realized that there are so many issues happening and that had happened in the past which represent the difficult and unfair times of so many countries. Honestly speaking, if we refer to the role that United Nations is supposed to have, we all must appreciate it as a peace-builder and a peace-keeper. However, being informed with many cases that had happened in many countries, we might change our opinion about the UN’s accomplishment of its role.

According to one of the special guests who had come in AiU, and who actually works in United Nations, the most difficult task for UN is not to bring peace to the targeted countries, but to keep the peace there. The international organization of United Nations aims to solve problems in a peaceful way, and by doing so, they have to face with many difficulties. As said by the guests who came in AiU, the biggest barrier which halts UN in solving the problem is corruption. Indeed, that action is done by people in positions of power behaving unethically.

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