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United Nations

Since 1945, after the World War II, people in the world did not see big wars like it. Can we say that it is partly due to United Nations Organization that was formed in 1945? Yes it is. After the war finished many government officials decided to form an organization which provides security, focuses on economic, social activities of countries and etc. Until this time the role of UN in view of providing peace in the world is precious and should be appreciated. Member countries of UN have signed the peace contract of not to attack to each other.

Once the war happens, the UN immediately takes actions to overcome the problems and stop the war. Currently, although the UN is working very hard the pace of wars did not decrease, vice versa, it is increasing the day by day, for example, the Arab spring, Israel and Palestine conflict, sea conflicts in China and Japan, the nuclear threat of North Korea, resistance of Iran in nuclear weapons, and many other issues. The thing is that UN is unable to control the world once the countries are resistant to obey the rules of it. The only thing is to restrict the rights of the country, cut the channels, stop its business with other countries.

But effects are beyond that. for example, Iran produces nuclear energy and exports it to Europe. Once the channels are cut, both Iran and Europe will get loss. Therefore, UN is trying to find any other solutions for this. Unfortunately, the North Korea is in the threshold of attacking to other countries with its nuclear  weapons, the war is starting. It is becoming very difficult for UN to prevent the issue while many countries have nuclear weapons and trying to use them. For another issue, terrorism, the UN has started actions after the bombing attack to the Twin Towers in New York and White House in Washington DC. Prior to this time the President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov called member countries of UN to fight against the Terrorism in the general assembly of UN. But his call left without response and actions. We all are aware how terrorism is spreading and bringing catastrophically consequences and effects.

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