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UN failed in its mission?

The discussion of the last lecture of current affairs was all about united nation. Our sagacious teacher had discussed about the history and causes of establishing United Nations during our lecture. He also mentioned about different organizations including United Nations and described about the missions and visions of it. He had taken some opinion from some students about whether UN has successful in its mission or failed. Now I am going to write reflective dairy about it and it is based on my own opinion about United Nations.

In my point of view, I think united nation has successful in its mission. If we look into the past history we can see that after the World War II when it was established the main purpose of establishing UN was to stop conflicts or wars and bring peace all over the world. From then UN has been working for many years to establish peace in the entire world. The United Nations travels all over the world solving problems and keeping peace between the neighboring countries. For examples, it had traveled over to Ethiopia and Eritrea solving their disagreement successfully with minor casualties. Peace was inevitable as soon as the United Nations was involved. Within three months the United Nations stopped the fighting and had everything silenced by February 2002. The United Nation followed the charter to peace successfully with no casualties to their side. The United Nations went into a troubled area with a plan of attack. They executed it successfully.

Furthermore, if we look into in Iraq and Afghanistan we can see that un has successful to bring peace in these two countries however it is important to remember that the U.N.’s coercive power to enforce its will is limited. The U.N. does not have its own military forces. It is a democratic institution and it implements the collective will of its members. The Bush Administration has clearly acted in defiance of the U.N. in the case of its preemptive strikes and invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. The U.N. did not authorize America to break the peace. It is ludicrous to suggest holding the U.N. responsible for America’s unilateral actions. After the war in Iraq and Afghanistan now the UN peace mission forces are controlling these two countries and able to bring peace within these two countries.

United nation has also given priority on nuclear arms control and disarmament, the protections of human rights, securing the independence of colonized countries, and the development of poorer countries. In order to control nuclear armaments the UN banned the nuclear testing. To improve agriculture, health care, communications and economic development UN has established different organization such as world health organization (WHO), International monetary fund (IMF), and world trade organization(WTO).all these organizations and projects are taken only for bring peach all over the world.

As a final point we can say that united nation is an international organization which has been working hard for last few decades to make sure that there is a peace on the earth. Yes I also believe that UN has unsuccessful in some cases but if we look into its achievements it is clear that UN has played a vital role to improve economic and social condition of different countries of the world trough resolving their difficulties. In fact it is still trying to maintain peace and harmony between different nations so that we may live in the world peacefully.

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