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The Window of the Current Affairs – by Adnan Hasani

Being introduced to a new subject at the university gives me a better way of understanding things. The way I understood the definition of current affairs is that: Current Affairs has to do with the events, either political, cultural social or economic issues that currently happen around the world. Its emphasis is on the discussion of new events that have recently occurred, or may be still the subject of dispute. I remember the window of the current affairs explained by the lecturer whereby it is an explanation of current issues including Science and Technology, politics, culture, social events, economic and environmental. Moreover, during the next tutorials and lectures we focused on the dominant current affairs. One of the dominant issues is environment. For instance the global warming (ice melting, sea level rise), pollutions, natural disasters, deforestation, climate change, croplands, fisheries, resource depletion (oil, gas, uranium). All these factors we have to consider where they lead the humans, what do we do if our environment is no longer a place where we can live. Sometimes, or saying most of the times we are the cause for destroying the environment. Our actions towards the nature may be the result of having a lot of diseases among us. Another dominant current affairs of the world is socio – economic – political affairs. For example globalization (to, imp,wb,un and so on). The global free-flow of the people. Medium, small traders, industries so on and so forth. I agree that for some cases for example, for economic purposes is good to trade or travel from one country to another, but we have to consider some factors before we do something. Most of the times even thinking whether it is good or not, which we have to relate to ourselves. I believe that many countries have some types of contracts for example to open a factory, to have new jobs in a country or to strengthen the relationship between countries, but are there any consequences for people or not. Lastly, during the tutorial we discussed also about the cultural aspects. I remember that on this issue the discussion went on the issue of fighting for one power, one world. Who is to rule the world. Who has more power to take over the world and make major decisions. Frankly saying, Who has the power of being at the top of the world.

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