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The most important problem that needed to be resolved is

From the ancient time till now, the world was never been free of conflict and it will never be. There are so many problems exist in this world that human need to resolve as most of these are created by human.  This week, we discussed about the problems which are happening around the world along with the lecturers.

At the beginning of the lecture, professor Evangelos showed us a short video about the general lecture. The video was all about the major problems of world and which one should be given priority to resolve first. There were many major problems which are listed on the screen such as global warming, starvation, pollution, immigration, government corruption and so on. After that we had an exercise on world problems. We were asked to list down ten of the world major problems sequentially according to the priority. I was really confused to prioritize the issues. Then by sharing ideas and arguments I listed down ten issues. Then, some students were invited to share their thoughts and perspectives. Different students shared different prioritize problems according to their own arguments. Some students think the major problem is the lack of education while some other think it is because of government corruption and so forth.

In my opinion, the most important problem that needed to be resolved is lack of basic needs such as food, clothing, shelter, sanitation, health and so on. By observing the situation in poor countries we can clearly see the sufferings of poor people. All human should be provided with these all needs. It is a kind of human rights. If they are lack of any basic need, they are not simply getting their rights which every human has it is not fair for them while other people are enjoying their lives luxuries, they are suffering and struggling.

For me, it was a very good and interesting lecture session. The matters I like most was the arguments about prioritizing the list with my friends. It has brought more understanding and interaction to us.


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